SAGA Endorses Ron Nirenberg

April 30th, 2017

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS- The San Antonio Gender Association (SAGA) Board of Directors has unanimously voted to endorse Ron Nirenberg in the 2017 San Antonio mayoral race. Mr. Nirenberg met with various members of the transgender community, including both SAGA’s President, Emmett Schelling, and transgender advocate and previous President, Lauryn Farris. He took time out of his busy schedule to seek out the community’s perspective on pressing issues like SB6.

Ron Nirenberg has proven during his time as District 8 Councilman that he is not only a man of integrity, but a well-equipped leader who has vision, drive, integrity, and the principles necessary to lead San Antonio into a better era.  As District 8 Councilman, he not only voted in favor of San Antonio’s  NDO, he advocated for​ it, so that he could ensure all San Antonians are treated with dignity and respect.  Ron Nirenberg today continues to fight for what is right, not just for what benefits his personal agenda. We are all very pleased to announce our overwhelming support for Ron Nirenberg in this mayoral race.


The San Antonio Gender Association has existed since its founding in 2002 by transgender rights advocate Christie Lee Littleton.  We exist as a support group for- and operated by- transgender, non-binary, and gender nonconforming people.  SAGA is one of the few local organizations that is actually helmed by transgender people, allowing the trans community to speak for themselves.